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Getting To Know Your Business Is Our Business

When you begin a video project with Road K Productions, it’s a collaboration. We begin with a consultation to get to know your company and its goals. What is your competitive advantage? Ask your top clients what is unique to your business. Would you agree with them? Is it unique or can your competitors basically say the same thing? Defining your signature can take some time and thought and can reveal weakness and vulnerabilities in your overall marketing strategy. If this is the case we are here to help you through this process because branding is our passion. With our expertise in marketing we can create a signature for your brand that separates you from the competition. This part of the process allows us to determine what types of videos are optimal in your marketing strategy. 

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Think before your shoot. Many clients have approached us with ideas that are outside the box and difficult to execute and we welcome a challenge. However we always emphasize practicality in the world of video production. If you have a deadline that is unrealistic we will let you know upfront.  If video production isn’t done properly you risk wasting money and you could end up publishing media that detracts from your brand. Video marketing is a collaboration between our company and yours and will require an investment of your time. Here are some key questions that will help you outline your video project.

You must know who your audience is to produce a video that connects with them. What are the demographics of your target market. What appeals to them? Do you need actors in your video that are in this demographic?  How is your message delivered in a way that connects and resonates with them to get the response you desire after the video is viewed.

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Who is your Audience?

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What response do you want?

Every video has a purpose. What is the reaction you seek after this video is viewed? Is it as simple as purchase the product or service that is advertised? Do you want to instill trust by advising and educating your viewer so they feel you are an expert in your field? Will the video inculcate the viewer with knowledge that could change their lifestyle and purchasing decisions? What problem are you solving and how is your solution better than your competitors? When writing the script for your video keep the response you want in sight and you will deliver a more concise, effective message.

What is the mood /feeling? 

What kind of vibe does the video give? How do you want the viewer to feel when they are watching it? Think about your brand- what are the values behind it and do those values translate through the overall feeling of your video. Video is a chance to add character to your brand or even change the character of your brand. Write down the top 5 adjectives that describe your brand (or re-brand) and your video should have similar characteristics in both visual style and tone.

What is the story or concept?

Sunflower Seed Oil: How It's Made

Effective commercial videos have been well thought out and often have a scripted story or concrete concept so their message is clear and will elicit the response needed to make the video pay. What story is unique to your business that will appeal to your audience? Do you need to describe a product or service in an explainer video? Presenting a problem to the viewer that ends with your company solving it can be a good place to start. Try to communicate how your business solves the problem better than your competitors.

Who is the storyteller?

Is your video going to be narrated or is there a story that needs to be acted out? Stories that are acted out involve expenses of hiring professional actors, script writing, storyboarding, and in general have higher production costs. When keeping the video production on a tight budget often the business owner or CEO is a good fit for the role of a spokesperson, especially for a business profile video.  An eloquent employee that isn’t camera shy could also be considered to do the job.

Spokesperson actor for a video that can explain your product or service effectivey.

If you have the budget to hire a professional actor to be your spokesperson it is well worth it. You can select an actor that is reflective of your target market which will enhance the production value of your video.

Studio Recorded Voiceover 

A video doesn’t always need a spokesperson and the narrator can be a voiceover done in professional studio by voiceover talent. Choose a voice that connects with your target market and direct them in pitch and tone to match the vibe of your video. This can give a polished, corporate feel to a video similar to commercials on broadcast television. Choosing your narrator and spokesperson ties back to overall mood and feeling of your video.

Write the Script

Outlining a script for a commercial video.
Creative marketin starts with a creative script for your video. Think outside the box, but keep your marketing message in tact.

Start with a list on the key values and messages you want to deliver in the video. Then make a list of some of the visuals that you think are crucial for the viewers to see. Next is to create of a story or script that can capture these elements that is within your budget. Make a rough cut of your storyline and then match the images with your dialogue. Wind your dialogue down until it is as concise as possible. If you are under a time constraint, read it aloud to yourself and time it to make sure it doesn’t go over your time slot.

Send the script to us and we can begin to discuss the equipment and resources needed to get the best quality shots within your budget. Once we get the logistics in order we can begin the storyboard process and get a rough visual of what the video will look like. Once approved, we can plan the production and determine who, what, when, and where we shoot your video.

Writing a script can be a daunting task and it can be easy to pass the buck to the video production company. We are happy to let you pay us for this task, but we encourage you to get you’re hands a bit dirty because no one knows the story of your business better than you and your team. It can present an opportunity to collaborate with other departments, get input from a different perspective, and tell a powerful story that resonates with your target audience.

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